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Vintage World Camera Day is coming!

Got an old camera on the book shelf gathering dust? Now is the time to grab your box brownie and start shooting!

Shot using a 100 year old Kodak Box Brownie circa 1915 by Steven Cox

Vintage cameras are not just for looking at.

It really is amazing work you can achieve photographically with only the simplest of kit. This image was taken on Kodak Box Brownie that has been sat on my book shelf for years. The quality is perhaps not what discerning exponents of the digital sphere are used to, but the feel and style of the image speaks for itself. Shot using Ilford PanF 50 ISO black and white negative film with out the aid of any electronics or even a glass lens!

I am currently beavering away to bring you 'World Vintage Camera Day'. This will be an annual competition where you can enter your best images shot on your favourite vintage camera for inclusion on our website (and perhaps even earn yourself a prize).

The rules are simple

  • Your camera must be at least 60 years old.

  • The camera must not contain any electronics.

So, watch this space for details.



 Fine art and documentary photography by Leeds based photographer.  All content Copyright © 2019 Paul Maven.  

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