Paul Maven 

Photograph shot on a 10x8 camera using a paper negative and developed using sepia tone to achieve reversal print.  

Photograph taken by Steven Cox

Up until very recently Paul was making his living from producing images for paying clients. 


After shooting commercially for 20 + years he decided to wind down his business and start shooting personal work again. He is in the process of retraining his eye; moving away from producing work to a brief and concentrating on photography centred purely around self expression. His current practice involves a (partial) move away from digital capture and a re-evaluation of silver halide and alternative process.  

The images featured on this site offer both a retrospective look at some of his favourite work from the past as well as contemporary projects.  The images were shot on:​

  • Canon DSLR's

  • Sony Alpha A7 and A7III mirrorless cameras

  • 35mm, medium and large format film cameras

  • Box Brownies and Kodak 127 Brownies

  • Mobile phones

  • Pinhole cameras.

Paul holds a Masters Degree in photography From The University of Sunderland and is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

You can get in touch with him below . 


Thanks for looking.

Paul's Instagram feed.

 Fine art and documentary photography by Leeds based photographer.  All content Copyright © 2019 Paul Maven.  

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The Photography Maven

Photography by Paul Maven

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